Photo Gallery

A picture of a cabinet in someone's kitchen with water damage.

Residential Kitchen Water Damage

SERVPRO of Fayette County received a call that pipes burst in a residential home above their kitchen. Our SERVPRO technicians made several trips to the home to check up on the process of their moisture checks and was able to do demo to the home's kitchen. They were able to remove cabinets and dry the home. The picture shows how much damage the cabinets got.

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A Newspaper Clipping of a SERVPRO employee placing bronze flame piece on top of a memorial.

Helping Advance A Memorial.

Here at SERVPRO we are very involved in the community. Pictured in the Newspaper, A SERVPRO employee has helped put in a Bronze Flame topper for a memorial. It is a contribute to a War Memorial in Connellsville, Pa. 

"Like It Never Even Happened."

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of the employees making cinnamon rolls.

Annual SERVPRO Christmas Party 2022

Flash Back Friday!

Here are multiple pictures of the SERVPRO of Fayette County crew members at the annual Christmas Party of 2022. The newer members of the team were working as a team to make traditional homemade cinnamon rolls. They were for sure yummy!

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of crew of SERVPRO.

Crew Photo

Above is our SERVPRO team from Fayette County and of Morgantown. Although not everyone is pictured in the photo, our entire teams strives to do the best capable job as possible to continue our trusted services. 

If you ever need our services please give us a call today!


A picture of a ceiling all opened due to leakage of an AC unit.

Leakage of an AC Unit.

Here is a picture of an office affected by water damage due to an AC unit. The water was leaking into the ceiling tile and down on to the carpet of the flooring. The AC Unit had a small leak and caused enough damage for SERVPRO tech to go out, use drying equipment, and to start demo work. 

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of a title in the close affected by a water leak above it.

Water Damage To Tiles

In this picture is a tile that seems to be corroding from water damage. You can see a circular and brown stain in the tile that is believed to be caused by water on the other side. The water sits there and is absorbed by the tile creating the brown stain. 

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of water running down a wall from frozen and busted pipe from a freezing snow storm.

Snow Storms

In this picture is a saturated wall from a pipe that froze and busted due to low temperatures from a snow storm. The low temperatures froze the piping in the garage and bust it, creating a water mess in the process.

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of water and mud all over the floor from the water damage.

Water Damage Bathroom

In this photo you can see a partially flooded bathroom. The water is from the drain as well as a leaky pipe and it has mixed with previously existing dirt on the floor to create mud making the problem more unsightly than it already was. With SERVPRO, our qualified crew will face on the problem with speed and precision in order to culminate the problem.  

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A microwave burnt to a crisp after a stove top fire.

Kitchen Fire

In this photo is a microwave that fell victim to a stove top fire. The fire started from oil on the stove and eventually got worse and spread. There are major singes and melting all over the microwave as well as soot covering the whole thing. There is also soot all over the cabinets above the microwave as well. 

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of a leaky pipe that turned out to be the source of the whole problem.

Leaky Sink Pipe

This picture is a prime example of why SERVPRO of Fayette County is the best at what they do and why our work is very diligent and in-depth. This is a leaky pipe under the bathroom sink that turned out to be the source of the problem. At SERVPRO of Fayette County we get to the source of the issue and correct it so that the problem doesn't continue or get worse and so that it is fixed right the first time. 

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of a cleaned and restored table.

Content Cleaning

In this picture is a coffee table that was packed up and shipped off by a SERVPRO crew in order to be cleaned. Our crew will pack up dirty and damage contents in order to clean and restore them before bringing them back on site after the problem is mediated. 

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of a mattress that was ruined by water damage.

Ruined Mattress Due to Water Damage

This is a picture of a mattress that was water logged because of a water line busting in someone's home. You can see where the mattress acted like a candle wick and absorbed it all of the water. This mattress had to be disposed of, due to the water damage that was caused by the water line bust.

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of an air mover under carpeting, drying out water damage.

Water Damage Under Carpet

This is a picture of carpet being dried out in a commercial building, in the hallway. Which is the case from some water damage. A busted sink pipe in the kitchen is the blame for the water damage. SERVPRO of Fayette County was able to contain the water damage.

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


A picture of wooden flooring with water coming through the cracks.

Water Coming Through Floors

Storms with heavy rains came threw and flood areas of this town. This is a picture of how water will find its way up threw a finished basement, Water is seeping up threw the flooring.

A picture of two air movers to help control microbial growth.

Controlling Water Damage

Here is a picture of air movers in a containment area in a flower shop. SERVPRO of Fayette County wants to provide the water damage the best controlled setting. When the drying process time is reduced so are the chances of a second loss or additional damage, which can include microbial growth.

New SERVPRO Green Marketing Vehicle

New Marketing Vechile

SERVPRO of Fayette has recently added a new marketing vehicle! This will help our marketers travel to help spread the word about why they should choose SERVPRO. 

For any questions, call us today!


New Box Truck To Our Fleet

New Box Truck

Welcoming the new member of the SERVPRO Fleet of Fayette County! Our new Box Truck will be very helpful to our SERVPRO Professionals to help with any type of disaster!

"Like it never even happened."

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Busted Pipe

Busted Water Pipe

This is a picture of a water pipe that busted in a commercial building. When a pipe busts like this, water will continue to flow threw out a building until the water is shut off. It's a good practice to know where all of your shut off valves are.

SERVPRO of Fayette County

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Drying Equipment

Proper Equipment

When a storm causes water to come into your home, it is important to have the proper equipment to dry out your home. Not have a structure properly dried can cause more problems. 

SERVPRO of Fayette County

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Dry Ice Blasting

Before and After Dry Ice Blasting

This is a picture of wood that was damaged due to a fire. 1/2 of the wood has been dry ice blasted. You can see the difference between the part that was dry ice blasted and the other half that is still charred.

Water Damage to Ceiling Lamp

Water logged lamp

This is a picture of a ceiling lamp that took on water due to a roof leaking. The roof was leaking because of a bad storm that came threw with heavy wind and rain. You can see how the lamp held the water as if it was a bowl.

Puff back

Heavy soot on wall

This is a picture of a wall that was heavily affected with soot by a furnace that malfunctioned. You can see where someone tried to clean the soot off the wall and it just smeared. Improper cleaning can cause more damage than expected. Situations like this, it is best to call a professional. 

SERVPRO of Fayette


Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage to Living Room Ceiling

This is a picture of a living room in a home, that had a major fire. You can see how heavy the smoke affected the area. This is a situation that SERVPRO professionals can take care of and get your home back to normal.

Water spots due to water damage.

Sign of a busted pipe.

This photo shows how you can detect that you have a water leak in your home. The water problem was due to a busted pipe in an upstairs bathroom. You can see how visible the water stains are in the ceiling in the floor beneath the bathroom.  If you see water circles on your ceiling, you should  immediately check to see where water is leaking from and shut off the water valve to the source. Then call a SERVPRO professional.



Ceiling collapse due to water damage

Damage due to water damage

This is a picture of a bedroom, heavily damaged due to water damage. The ceiling fell in, causing debris to be all over the home and ruining this bed. SERVPRO of Fayette County was called in to do the repair of the water damage in the home.

Building a containment area


This is a picture of scaffolding that had to be build in order to build a containment area in a Bridal Shop. A containment will help protect other areas from being infected while constructions is going on .

Floor protection

Protecting carpet after a water damage

When you have a water damage in you home, sometimes SERVPRO professionals have to walk threw your home in order to get to the damage. This is one of the methods SERVPRO will use to protect floors that are not damaged.

Hauling ruined carpent

Removal of carpet

This carpet was ruined due to a water line bursting in a home. SERVPRO of Fayette County professionals can remove, haul away and will properly dispose of carpeting and padding.

Land ready to reuse after a fire

Ready to use lot

This is a picture of where a large structure once stood. SERVPRO was able to remove the structure what was demolished and put the land back so the home owners can reuse it for what they want.

Total loss of a structure due to fire.

Demolished structure

This fire that was caused by lighting, destroyed the entire building which can be devastating. SERVPRO of Fayette County can remove left over debris that is left from a fire. 

After taking out a window on the roof


Here at SERVPRO we do more than just work inside the house. We are prepared and qualified to do a multitude of jobs to completion with quality craftsmanship and precision. 

Customer First

Personal Belongings

At SERVPRO we cherish our customer's property and have the utmost care and precision when working in their home. We lay out tarps in order protect peoples floors from damage, among other things. 

In this picture is a faulty pipe

Solution Driven

You have to know what caused an incident in order to remedy it the best way possible. This is a faulty pipe that was discovered to be the source of a water problem in this customer's house. 

Fully restored and upgraded kitchen after a water job.

Kitchen Work

In this picture is a kitchen that SERVPRO cleaned and remodeled. The kitchen in the after picture is so clean and precise after being so disorderly in the first picture. 

Mold found in a storage room at Pleasant Valley Community church

Storage Room Mold

This was the mold that was found and reported to SERVPRO by the Pleasant Valley Community Church. We were called in to remedy the mold and to prevent further cases and outbreaks.  

A hole in the ceiling caused by powerful winds from a storm.

Strong Winds

In this photo there is a hole in the ceiling due to high winds from a powerful storm that rolled through. Storm damage can cause a multitude of problems that can happen like a domino effect. 

Aftermath of a storm in Uniontown

Hole in Ceiling

This was what happened after a powerful storm came through with high speed winds causing structure damage as well as damage to a water pipe in the house. This is the aftermath of the water getting into the infrastructure of the house. 

A picture of a kitchen with before and after picture of fire damage.

Fire Damage Before/After

Here are two pictures of a kitchen before and after a fire that has caused damage. SERVPRO of Fayette professionals help restore the kitchen and made it look as good as new. 

A picture of the corner of a wall that has soot webs.

Soot Webs

These may look like spider webs, but they're actually soot webs, or soot tags, caused by fire damage. The soot particles bond together and then cling to a wall, ceiling, or in between rafter. Here are soot webs as a Result of a Puffback 

New SERVPRO Box Truck

Newest member of the SERVPRO Fleet! Decals soon to be put on! Our new Box Truck will help our SERVPRO Franchise Professionals, when doing pack outs for a large commercial loss.

Team Photo

Above is our SERVPRO team from Fayette County and of Morgantown. Although not everyone is pictured in the photo, our entire teams strives to do the best capable job as possible to continue our trusted services. 

Auto Repair Shop Flooded

This is a picture of Carney's Auto Repair in Uniontown PA after a flood filled the inside of the shop. The garage door was left open just enough for the water to run underneath of it to cause the damage, mainly leaving the floor covered in mud and water.

Storm damage to house roof

What you see in this photo is a roof that has been ripped up due to a storm that did significant damage, with water leaking in causing a lot of the family's possessions to be ruined.

Storm caused muddy mess

Pictured in this photo is a crawlspace that has been hit with tons of water from a flood that came through the Connellsville area. As you can see, it left a family's home a mess.

Air Conditioner caught on fire

This was the aftermath of a fire that started because of a short that happened to an air conditioner in the second floor of this home. As you can see there is a significant amount of damage done to the outside of the home. 

Exterior fire in Uniontown, PA

What you see here is the result of an electrical fire that cause the damage done to the siding, windows, the door and the roof. We arrived and proceeded to board up where the building was affected the most.

Kitchen Fire in Dunbar, PA

This picture shows the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Fayette County when we arrived on scene. As you can see there was a lot of smoke and soot damage to the owners home. It called for a packout job by our SERVPRO crew.

House Fire in Uniontown, PA

This is the aftermath of a house in Uniontown when we arrived to the scene. There was tons of smoke and soot damage. This house was possessed by the Federal Housing Administration before it had caught fire. SERVPRO of Fayette County showed up and made the disaster "Like it never even happened!"

Heavy amounts of Mold underneath floorboard

This photo is from a current job that our SERVPRO crew is working on. As you can see in the picture, there is tons of mold on the underneath of the floor of this house which is more than likely contaminating the basement with the mold pours in the air. 

Mold job

As you can see in this picture shown here, the mold is covering a side of this wall that is located in the room where the hot water heater sits. The mold remediation process will begin as soon as possible.

Mold on ceiling

Shown in this photo is mold on a homeowners ceiling. Getting ready to prep for paint, homeowner will paint on their own. If we come across additional work needed we will stop work immediately and notify homeowner.

Mold Remediation in Fayette County

This photo was taken from a Fayette County building where the inside of some of the walls are covered in a mold type substance. SERVPRO proceeded with all the right safety measures when doing the mold remediation. After all, some types of mold can be harmful when breathed in, and possibly deadly. 

Flooded Crawlspace

As you can see in this photo, there is water about 2 ft deep throughout the entire crawlspace that I believe is under the porch of this family's home.

Water Pipe Leak

 Shown in this photo is a leaking pipe coming from the family's hot water tank. The leak caused significant water to soak the carpets in the rooms around where the pipe was leaking.

Floor Cleaning

Here is our SERVPRO crew at work cleaning the basement floor at a near by high school. The crew is hard at work using squeegees to push the excess water outside through the door.  

Flooded Basement in Fayette County

This basement was affected by a nasty flood that came through the Connellsville area sometime in late August of 2016. The homeowner made the right call by contacting SERVPRO of Fayette County, and was very surprised by how quickly we got rid of all the water.