Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage Due to A Hot Water Tank.

Here are two pictures of a before and after pictures of water damage due to a hot water tank that was in someone's home. The first picture indicates that there ... READ MORE

New Bathroom

This was a house that was hit with water damage. The only thing destroyed from the damage was the kitchen but they still wanted us to redo their bathroom. At SE... READ MORE

Carpet Removal From Water Damage On Stairs

The first picture is of a set of stairs that was damaged by water. The water damage was the result of a busted pipe that affected most of the house. When carpet... READ MORE

Dish Washer Caused Wet Floors

This family's home dishwasher had been leaking on the kitchen floor. It was weeks until they notice the floor starting to raise as if it was holding water. That... READ MORE

Insulation Removal

The first picture is of wet insulation in an attic. This housing facility had a roof leak and caused the blown in insulation to become wet. Once insulation gets... READ MORE

Wet Flooring Due To Heavy Rains

The first picture is a picture of carpeting that got flooded, due to heavy rains the night before. It rained so hard that water came into the office, causing th... READ MORE

Ceiling damage

The first picture is a picture of a ceiling located in a homeowner's living room. The homeowner had a pipe bust in the upstairs bathroom. Water made its way thr... READ MORE

Cleaned refrigerator after fire damage

The first picture is a picture of a refrigerator that was affected by a fire in the house, that was caused by lightning. The content in the refrigerator needed ... READ MORE

Bedroom fire clean-up and build back

The first picture you see is what is left after a home owner had an electrical fire in his bedroom. You can see how the fire caused dry wall and insulation to f... READ MORE

Water damage to a bathroom

The first picture is of a bathroom tile floor that had water damage due to a busted pipe in the bathroom sink. The water damage affected the drywall as well. Tr... READ MORE